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IT Consultancy Analysis

We provide In-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure. Let our Technical Engineers and our Strategic Solutions Architects offer your organization a more in-depth analysis of your current infrastructure and IT strategy.

With a wealth of knowledge, our experienced Senior Technical Engineers and Strategic Solutions Architects have seen just about every type of IT infrastructure available. Their expertise, depth of knowledge and IT consulting services can help take your organisation to the next level.

Our enterprise IT consultants will visit your company to conduct in-depth analysis on your business processes, current infrastructure, IT strategy and the services you are currently using and then provide you with an easy to understand, detailed report of all our recommendations.

We also understand that each business requires an IT infrastructure to suit their needs, so our consultancy is tailored to what you want to achieve.

  • Date
    8 Jan, 2022
  • Client
    Sporia Deko
  • Category
    Infrastructure Analysis
  • Address
    Red Deer, AB

Let’s Integrate Security Into Your Digital Infrastructure

Our architecture and process development portfolio is a collection of methods that help organisations integrate security into their digital infrastructure. Modern businesses are increasingly embracing a variety of new technologies as they continue their digital transformation. This opens up a host of new opportunities, although also presents new risks. Digital transformation introduces further complexity into IT infrastructure that could be exploited by attackers. Our portfolio of services ensures an organisation’s digital infrastructure is managed correctly and kept secure.

We help organizations to develop security policies that are aligned with their corporate strategy, IT strategy, compliance and governance frameworks. However, a secure design requires more than just policy formulation. We provide practical and hands on security design services which set out how best to position the hardware and software used by businesses on a daily basis in order to achieve a high level of security. As well as evaluating each component of a business’s digital infrastructure individually, Sleek Media House also examines how different components interact to ensure there are no gaps in security across an organization’s network that put critical assets at risk.

After a system is hardened and deployed, it is imperative that a high level of security is maintained on a continuous basis. Sleek Media House ensures businesses have the processes in place to maintain consistent security. This includes developing robust patching and update processes to ensure organizations retain a strong long-term cybersecurity posture.